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Teeth in Pregnancy – Useful Tips

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman’s life when the awareness of the importance of health and body care increases. During pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body increases, which brings with it numerous changes, but also possible problems. Why oral hygiene is especially important in pregnancy Taking care of the cleanliness and health of teeth and gums…

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Can Teeth move

It can happen that our teeth move over the years. It usually happens gradually, so it’s hard to notice. Why is this happening? The simplest answer is that our teeth are not permanently fixed to the jaw, so they tend to move over time. Why do teeth move? The teeth are held in place by the gums, jaws and connective…

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Milk teeth – Care and Treatments

Milk teeth begin to erupt around the sixth month of life. And by the age of three, all 20 baby teeth should be present. It is very important to preserve deciduous teeth because they primarily preserve the place of permanent teeth. And when a permanent tooth erupts, they direct its growth. Therefore, in the case of premature loss of deciduous…

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