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Cavity protection

A cavity is a tiny hole in the tooth that gradually expands as time progresses. This form of decay occurs when acid consumes the protective enamel on the teeth. As soon as the enamel is removed, the cavity will gradually eat the tooth until it hits the blood vessels and nerves in the tooth. Though you can be proactive and…

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About Gum Pain

When you have a toothache you probably head right for the dentist. But what do you do when you have problems with your gums? Gum pain is an annoying issue that happens for a number of reasons. There are really many reasons why your gums might hurt. But a lot gum problems of don’t cause pain right away. The possible reasons range…

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Yellow Teeth

Nothing sends an image of health and beauty like a sparkling set of white teeth. It’s normal for people to want to look good at all times, but yellow teeth can ruin your look and smile. So if your teeth are looking a bit dingy and yellow, then you might understandably be embarrassed to show your smile. Indeed, yellow teeth are not…

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