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Food Bad For Children’s Teeth

There are few to whom the departure of the dentist is not traumatic, and the dentists try to calm the children at the end of the examination with lollipops and candies, which are one of the main negative secret agents for the health of children’s teeth.

But lollipops and candies are not the only ones that create caries and destroy teeth, and the reason why this happens is that bacteria, which are always in our mouths, feed on sugar and create acids that can destroy the “protective layer” of teeth.

White bread and other types of processed carbohydrates

The processing of carbohydrates increases their glycemic index, and the higher it is, the stronger the secretion of insulin and the lower the energy value of the food. White bread is just such a processed carbohydrate, as are pasta and all those foods that we love because they are crunchy, like chips and chopsticks.

However, these foods easily accumulate and hide on and between the teeth, so for a longer period of time, bacteria from the mouth feed on them and thus release acids that destroy teeth for a long time.

Sweets, sour candies and dried fruits

The reason why these foods are bad is also because the sugar from them stays on the teeth for a long time, and saliva cannot wash that sugar off the teeth for a long time. Raisins, dried figs, caramel, honey, soft sweet candies or refreshing candies, as well as syrups belong to this group.

After consuming such and similar foods, you should brush your teeth as soon as possible and get your child used to it as soon as possible!

Carbonated drinks, sweet juices and energy drinks

It’s no secret that fizzy drinks, sweet juices and energy drinks are not the healthiest option we can consume. The reason for this is also the sugar in these drinks, which sticks to our teeth. Even sports drinks are very risky for the teeth because they can also contain sugar, so be sure to check its content before consuming them.

Children's Teeth

Carbonated drinks are not good for either you or the children because they contain acid which is very bad for tooth enamel. Instead, offer your children homemade juices that you know exactly what they contain, and get them used to good hydration. In addition to being good for the balanced functioning of the body, water also helps to remove residual sugar from the teeth.

Citrus fruit

Although citrus fruits have their health benefits, it should be controlled how much is ingested and how. Excessive intake of acidic foods can destroy tooth enamel, especially if you have a habit of “sucking” them.

Children's Teeth

This is especially true of lemons, which if consumed for a long time in this way, can destroy the enamel very quickly. This means that the myth of teeth whitening with lemon is completely incorrect!