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Milk teeth – Care and Treatments

Milk teeth begin to erupt around the sixth month of life. And by the age of three, all 20 baby teeth should be present.

It is very important to preserve deciduous teeth because they primarily preserve the place of permanent teeth. And when a permanent tooth erupts, they direct its growth.

Therefore, in the case of premature loss of deciduous teeth. There is a misalignment of permanent teeth or various orthodontic anomalies.

Permanent teeth resorb the roots of deciduous precursors, causing them to loosen and fall out on their own. And in cases where the loss is difficult – the dentist can remove the deciduous teeth.


The best prevention of caries is fluoride. Which protects tooth enamel, makes it more resistant and encourages tissue demineralization. Thus stopping initial caries.

Fluoridation increases the defence of teeth against caries by reducing the development of bacteria. Increasing the quantity and quality of saliva and making teeth more resistant.

The procedure is performed by coating deciduous and permanent teeth with fluoride in the form of a liquid, gel or varnish.

The procedure itself is quick and painless and is an excellent method of preventing caries in young teeth.

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