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Symptoms of dental problems

Symptoms of dental problems are multiply. When we talk about health, we can spread the story far and wide. The essence of any health condition is to be aware of changes in your body. Sometimes it happens that we notice changes late and get into problems that we were not even aware of, or we notice them but do not pay so much attention to them until they start to bother us a lot, but then it is too late. It may then be too late to treat the consequences as well as to reverse the condition. That is why it is indescribably important to check your health regularly.

Tooth discoloration

What you might be worried about is a change in tooth color. Sometimes this change is due to the consumption of coffee, cigarettes, sugar or alcohol. And sometimes it is an indicator that you have a problem with gangrene, caries, periodontitis. Permanent change in tooth color can be acquired as in the case of dental fluorosis, fetal erythrosis, tetracycline staining of teeth and rubella embryopathy and hereditary as in the case of congenital porphyria and pigmentary incontinence. Either way, if you notice that you have a color change, consult a dentist. He will test you for tissue changes and identify disease or damage.

Bleeding gums

It can be one of the sure signs that something is wrong. If you happen to see bleeding problems in your gums, you definitely have a problem. Rarely is the blood on your gums just random and it’s mostly an indicator of something you didn’t expect. So, if you feel the taste of blood in your mouth while brushing your teeth or see blood on your toothbrush and teeth, go to the dentist. If it is an inflammation, it needs to be treated to prevent it from spreading. Untreated gingivitis can spread to deeper parts of the gums and cause periodontitis which can lead to nodding or even tooth loss. That is why it is important to constantly take care of the health of your teeth and react in time.

A broken tooth

A broken tooth is the most common dental injury that most often occurs due to a blow or a wrong bite. Today, it is possible to glue a chipped part or replace it with dental filling – but your dentist will tell you which is the best solution. Fortunately, these problems with teeth are easy to solve nowadays. Many are not even aware that they have a bite that consumes and destroys the front teeth from the inside, so when they are in good condition, the teeth crack like glass. That is why it is important to have an orthodontic examination in adults and to remove this danger in time.

Problems with uneven teeth

More and more people, young and old, are deciding to straighten their teeth with braces. If we take into account how many choices there are – from fixed braces to invisible ones – this increase is not so surprising. People straighten their teeth not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because straight teeth mean better dental health.

Teeth erupt due to stomach problems

When we think of teething, we think it only happens to older people whose teeth are already worn out. But it can happen at any time. Damage is usually caused by acid coming from the stomach and weakening the teeth. Cause: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which causes stomach acid to return to the esophagus and traces of acid reach the mouth. Gastroesophageal reflux is defined as the forced relaxation of the muscles of the upper esophageal sphincter which causes the return of acidic gastric contents through the esophagus to the oral cavity. The disease is manifested by a spectrum of symptoms and signs that result from the return of acidic contents from the stomach to the esophagus, mouth and airways.

Stomach acid is very strong, so dental problems also occur in bulimia, an eating disorder in which a person is forced to vomit after every meal.

Good oral hygiene can help protect not only our teeth, but also our mental health and protect our entire body. Check how to prevent these problems HERE.