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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Caries

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Caries is the leading disease when it comes to oral or dental problems all over the world. Although the appearance of dental caries often occurs in the form of small dots and holes, do not be afraid, it is very important that you react in time.

Caries is more common in children, due to the fact that children often eat sweet food and do not know how to brush their teeth properly. Adults usually get recurring cavities that form around the root or base of the tooth. This type of tooth decay often affects adults and the elderly and occurs when the gum line recedes.


Dental fillings are the best solution when it comes to caries. The holes are filled with material to prevent further damage from tooth acid. Silver amalgam fillings were the norm for decades, but composite resins have replaced them. 

These composites are the same color as real teeth. During the procedure, the dentist will clean and remove dental caries and seal the healthy and cleaned part with a filling.

dental caries


When the tooth is badly damaged, the filling will unfortunately not be enough to save it. In such cases, crowns are used, which are responsible for protecting the tooth from decay and restoring its appearance.

Root canals

A root canal is usually torn open for the most severe cases where tooth decay has destroyed the tooth. This procedure is performed when corrosion has threatened the pulp chamber of the tooth. 

The dentist will drill a hole in the affected tooth and files are used to clean out the decayed material in the pulp chamber. The tooth is then covered with a crown to protect it from further damage.

Prevention of dental caries

Although dental caries can cause more damage and even lead to tooth loss, this problem can be solved very easily. In all of this, the most important thing is oral hygiene, which you must follow:

  • Brush twice a day,
  • Use a medium brush,
  • Floss at least once a day,
  • Include rinsing in your daily regimen,
  • Use products with fluoride,
  • Be sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

With proper oral care and dental examinations, you will be one step ahead of tooth decay.

Don’t forget to floss

Flossing is one of the most neglected habits, but it is almost the most important. By brushing your teeth, you only clean about 70% of your mouth, so there is another 30% that needs attention. You will only be able to clean THOSE 30% with dental floss.

dental caries

Mouthwash is key

A simple but effective way to reduce bacteria and get rid of bad breath is to use mouthwash. If you want, you can find alcohol-free mouthwashes. Your mouth is guaranteed to be fresher and safer from cavities.

When you have healthy teeth, your gums are more than likely healthy also. A healthy mouth can contribute to a healthier you overall. What if you are doing everything right for your oral health, but still have bad breath?

When to visit the dentist

You may not be aware that cavities are forming. That is why it is important to go for regular dental examinations and cleanings. 

Your dentist will notice and correct the problem in time and will save you from the bigger troubles that caries can bring.