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Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

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Loose teeth in children’s age are a normal phenomenon and a sign that they will soon be replaced by permanent teeth instead of baby teeth. However, loose teeth in older people can be a sign of a serious problem. Do you know ways to prevent tooth loss?

The situation can be alarming

When tooth wobble appears in adults, it can be a harmless phenomenon, but it can also be a sign for an urgent reaction to save the tooth from falling out. In the following lines, we will give you several examples of how to treat loose teeth and how to prevent this problem from occurring.

Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

Treatment for loose teeth may include the following:

When teeth are loose, a good treatment is a deep cleaning that will prevent the appearance of other bacteria and gum disease.

Mouthwashes can help in the treatment of infected gums and in the fight against various bacteria.

This problem can be treated surgically by removing inflamed tissue and damaged bone.

Bone and soft tissue grafts can also help cure this very dangerous problem when infected.

By wearing braces during this problem, you will prevent further damage and help yourself during the healing process.

Although these options are effective, it is essential to treat the underlying cause of tooth loss. You should also take any other steps necessary to prevent further damage.

What are the steps that can prevent the appearance of further damage or the occurrence of loose teeth?

A healthy diet is very important

As you already know, for the health of your teeth and gums it is recommended to avoid sweets as much as possible. Crunchy vegetables are excellent for removing food residues. Consider adding a vegetable platter to each meal. A healthy diet is the key to maintaining dental and general body health.

Learn to brush properly

You all already know that it is recommended to brush your teeth two to three times a day, and necessarily in the morning and at night before going to bed. However, do you know how to brush them properly? Do not brush your teeth too hard to avoid damaging the enamel. Brush your teeth gently and with circular movements for a long time, in order to thoroughly remove impurities without damaging them.

Floss every day

Dental floss is a mandatory tool for cleaning and maintaining the health of teeth and gums. And it really is. Take care of this important item and practice it regularly.

Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

Wear a mouth guard during sports

One of the very common causes of tooth loss is injury during sports. To protect your gums, your teeth and your jaw, wear mouthguards that can save your life.

Grinding teeth at night

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth at night, we also recommend guards that will help you get rid of this harmful habit that can cause serious problems with your teeth.

Limit acidic drinks

The habit of consuming carbonated drinks is a widespread phenomenon practiced by almost everyone. However, the intake of carbonated beverages should be limited and it is recommended to rinse the mouth with clean water after drinking a carbonated beverage.

Rinse daily with antibacterial mouthwash

Brushing the teeth with an adequate brush, toothpaste and flossing are ideal and mandatory preventive measures against all dental problems. However, if you want to take oral health care to a higher level, we recommend daily rinsing with antibacterial water.

Schedule regular examinations and cleanings at the dentist

Regular dental check-ups are actually the best chance to identify potential major or minor problems. In this way, you will react in time and save time, money and nerves. Also, regular visits to the dentist can reduce the risk of various types of diseases.

Your natural smile is your best smile, we will do everything we can to help you keep it.

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